Cotton bags

Cotton bags are becoming more and more popular. Material bags are handy, lightweight and take up little space when folded, making them the best way to transport and store things. Also, cotton bags have another very important advantage - sewn from high quality cotton, they are reusable and much more durable than plastic ones. Thanks to this, the cotton bag is called the "ecological bag", which fits perfectly into such important activities aimed at protecting the environment. What's more, graphics of shopping bags can be selected from inspirational designs created by artists from around the world. Now you can always carry the most beautiful motifs with you! ... more

Did you know…

A cotton bag is an alternative to a plastic bag. It is assumed that the plastic bag is responsible for the emission of about 0.2 kg of carbon dioxide. So when you go shopping once a week you can generate about 1 kg of CO2. You can counteract this by using cotton substitutes that you will find in our offer.