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The boho style is characterized by comfort and freedom in combining accessories. See how to decorate your home and apartment in a boho style.

How to arrange an apartment in a boho style?

The boho style is described as casual, comfortable and natural. It is characterized by combining contemporary forms with old elements. It also shows a clear inspiration from other cultures - hence the oriental and ethnic motifs on the accessories. Here are some tips on how to arrange an apartment in the boho style.

The boho style in the apartment is intended for people who do not like to stick to strict rules and forms in the arrangements. The interiors that can be created this way have a soul and a unique atmosphere prevails in them. Boho style is often chosen by artists, travelers and nature lovers. It is found in the apartments of people who want to express themselves through accessories or like creating original combinations and arrangements. Also, it's a style for every budget - a lot of furniture and accessories can be bought at flea markets for a really low price.

What are the characteristics of the boho style?

The beginnings of the boho style were already observed in the nineteenth century, but it became known on a large scale only in the 70s of the last century. It spread among artists who lived and behaved according to their own rules and against mass culture. In their apartments, there were a lot of original items, paintings, old furniture, patterned fabrics and souvenirs from trips to distant countries. However, there was a shortage of plastic items that flooded the market and were available for purchase in almost every store. The boho style made it stand out. The boho style is characterized by comfort, freedom and originality. There are hardly any arrangement rules here. It is allowed to combine various forms and accessories as well as modernity with antiquity. However, the point is to do it skillfully and avoid exaggeration, as the effect can be grotesque. Characteristic of the boho style in the apartment are:

  • warm colors,
  • expressive colors,
  • patterns and motifs inspired by folk art,
  • modern decorations combined with antiques,
  • old-style furniture,
  • second-hand items,
  • simplicity and moderation,
  • natural materials,
  • no exaggeration,
  • original and unique arrangements.

Boho style walls and floor

In boho-style apartments, panels or natural wood are most often chosen for the floor. Light shades are preferred. Many people also choose to paint the boards white. It is worth remembering that the floor in a boho interior is only a background for the entire arrangement. A little more can be afforded in the kitchen or bathroom in the style of a boho. The tiles are most often chosen there. Most people choose light shades that are unpretentious. However, it is worth choosing tiles with an oriental or ethnic pattern, which - especially in the bathroom - will be a decoration themselves. Walls in boho-style apartments offer more arrangement options. Most people choose to keep them in bright or warm colors (honey, rusty orange, dull green, brown). It is a perfect base for other wall decorations. Wall murals, wallpapers or stickers with an oriental or ethnic motif are very popular. Graphics depicting plants are also gaining popularity. Instead of a wallpaper, one of the walls can be painted with intense color. Boho-style interiors feature fuchsia, orange, red, yellow, and turquoise. However, you have to be careful not to have too many flashy colors. It's worth leaving them for add-ons.

Boho style home furniture

Boho style furniture is a very important element of the interior. The best choice is second-hand equipment that has a history and a soul. Therefore, for tables, chests of drawers, bookcases, a desk or a sideboard, it is best to go to a flea market or an antique shop. Often, for little money, you can buy interesting and unique furniture that requires only a slight renovation. Boho style furniture is also available in stores. More and more companies decide to create tables and chests of drawers that are stylized as old ones. It is therefore worth browsing their catalogs in search of original furnishings. In boho-style interiors, wooden furniture should be used. Their shape should be simple, but subtle decorations are allowed. Many people decide to buy a bed, sofa or table made of pallets. Such furniture can be made independently or on a special order.

Home accessories in the boho style

Boho style accessories are the most interesting part of the arrangement. You can achieve a lot with them. Therefore, it is worth combining items that may not fit together at first glance. Thanks to this, the interior will take on a unique character. There are also no limits in combining decorations that have a modern design, with souvenirs or handicrafts. Souvenirs and items of importance should be displayed on chests of drawers or glass drawers. Musicians and artists can confidently put the tools of their work in the living room. Thanks to this, the interior will become more personal and will express the personality of its owner. Home textiles play an important role in boho-style interiors. The sofas, armchairs and bed can not lack blankets, pillows and colorful bedspreads. The most popular are ethnic and oriental motifs. It is worth laying carpets on wooden floors - preferably hand-woven. All home textiles in the boho style must be made of natural materials (linen, cotton). Interesting boho-style home accessories are also various types of pictures in frames or posters. They can present abstract patterns, but also floral and ethnic motifs. You don't need to hang them on the wall. They can be placed on chests of drawers and even on the floor. Many people also choose to make dream or macramé catchers. There are potted plants in a boho-style interior. Those with large leaves are mainly selected.

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