Retro Stickers

Whether you’re an optimist, pessimist or realist, enjoy Pixers Retro Stickers collection. This classy and stylish gallery of beautiful vintage stickers is available for everybody! The world is changing rapidly, but your spaces don't have to follow every single trend that's out there. Our fabulous retro stickers will transform your rooms and beloved objects into rare gems from the past. Is your wardrobe looking a bit drab? Just put a big sticker on it. How about a vintage poster with circus strong men? Or an old-school Cadillac shot from the streets of Havana? There are plenty of choices here - lots of illustrations, abstract art, vintage neon signs, and so much more to choose from. When your wardrobe is shining that retro glow, look around! There is certainly another piece of furniture you could glam up! With this set, you can easily add a spark to your table, fridge, door, laptop or simply your walls. After all, retro is such a vast style, it works fantastic both in the living room, child's room, man-cave or in the hallway. Abstract paintings, modern vectors, hand-drawn patterns, visuals inspired by the work of Pablo Picasso and David Hockney, polka dots, 3D patterns and many, many more are waiting for you to choose from. Every season is a retro season, so order your stickers right now and put a timeless charm into your space. ... more