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The Pixers Affiliate Program
Do you like art?
Someone tells you that you have a sense of style?
Are you someone who needs to earn some money?
About Pixers Affiliate Program
As a Pixers affiliate, you can earn money from sharing personalizations and favourite categories to the whole world via own site, forums and socials :) Let’s do this and watch your earnings!
  • Earn a 5% commission on purchases made through your link
  • $0 to join
  • Track your earnings and see exactly how much you earn.
  • 30-day purchase window - someone who visits Pixers from your link and makes a purchase within 30 days will credit your account with a commission on that purchase
Apply with a verified PayPal account
Make sure that you have verified account.
Make your affiliate links from personalized product or category
After that, you can find these links in your account with visit stats
Share your link
Post to the whole world or just your friends and followers! Anyone who clicks your link will have a 30-day purchase window.
Every referral purchase earns you money $
Get 5% of every referred purchase in your PayPal account at your request.

Clicking your shared affiliate link activates a 30-day site cookie in browser. A cookie is a tracker that determine who sent a referral to our site. If your referral visitor makes a purchase during that 30-day period, it counts towards your earnings

Affiliate commissions are paid on the final price of an order.

There is a 30-day grace period for all orders. Any orders returned in that period will not count towards your earnings.

When you activate your account - you can create affiliate links by yourself in your panel, choose what you want, and share it with the whole world!