Oriental Wallpapers

Don't have a spare 7 years to spend in Tibet with Brad Pitt to indulge yourself in a Far Eastern life? Can't move to Asia right now? No worries. The Pixers Oriental Wallpaper collection is here to transform your place into a Zen temple, with great Feng-Shui. Hop on The Oriental Express. We’re ready to go! Below you'll find lots of Victorian seamless patterns, a wide range of wonderful flowers, some remarkable hand-drawn mandalas. We can't forget to mention Asian watercolour goldfishes. What about birds and dragons? As you can see, there are a lot of options to pick from and all of them are appealing, aren’t they? Make your dream Asia-inspired bedroom, living room or bathroom nothing short of extraordinary. Without any compromises. Amaze yourself with the power of the right wallpaper. Imagine having that same feeling every day, like we do! Who thought that this one simple thing could flawlessly change a room and its entire energy just like that? Now your meditation, a cup of tea or just some reading and relaxation will get even better. Rest. Relax. Breath. Appreciate the moment. Take care of your home and its energy. Your physical wellbeing, thoughts and mood will follow. ... more