Minimalist Wallpapers

Minimalism is the art of reduction. This design style prompts us to enjoy and focus on the things that matter. The same goes for minimalist wallpapers. Here at Pixers, you will see a list of great minimalist wallpaper ideas which will help you add more Zen to your space. Scandinavia has been a crucial inspiration for interior designers in recent years. Pared-back styles and simple colours have transformed modern homes with the help of minimalist designer wallpaper. This has become a global sensation. However, true minimalism goes far beyond what we see on the surface of some minimalist wallpaper. The concept of minimalism is about focusing on what’s important and removing the things which distract us. This has been a common practice throughout religions like Buddhism and Hinduism. Today, we interpret these minimalistic trends by keeping our homes uncluttered. Getting the right balance is crucial though - nobody wants to live in a space that’s boring. Champion your inner perfectionist. Have a look at our modern range of minimalist wallpaper designs and fill your home with yin & yang. ... more