Soccer Wall Murals

The wall mural with a football motif is a perfect idea to personalize the room of a soccer fan. You can completely change the appearance of the room in a quick, easy and inexpensive way and give it a more personal character. The wall mural can be washable, self-adhesive or vinyl. The football wall mural will delight everyone who trains football or is a loyal supporter of this sport. Personalized graphics will work not only in the children's room and men's bedroom, but also in the school's cloakroom or football club. Thanks to it, the room will take on an individual character. A football wall mural can also inspire you to develop your passion. ... more

Did you know…

A football wall mural can show the pitch, goal, supporters in the stands, stadium, players or the colors of your favorite club. The wall mural can be vinyl, self-adhesive or washable. Each of them is durable, resistant to creases and tears and easy to clean. It can be easily mounted anywhere - by the bed, above the desk or in the part of the room intended for fun.